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 Wedding planning is what makes my heart skip a beat. Watching my couples melt into their day, fully able to relax? There’s really nothing better. My clients hire me not only to execute an elegant (but playful!) vision, but to keep them present in every moment.

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Here is where you can speak to the amazing experience that you provide your couples with! What can they expect from working with you? How do you serve them in a way that is unique and set apart from others in your industry? Bare your soul and share it all here!

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Rooted in timeless images, raw and authentic emotion, and a seriously good time.

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At Ammie Marie Weddings love reigns supreme in our business. We shoo away hate and proudly join forces with couples & vendors who share the love.

Love, Ammie

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jen s.

Ammie is a true professional and has all the traits you look for in your wedding planner. She is organized, efficient, and trustworthy but beyond that she has an incredible personality and someone you WANT to be there on your big day.

she's the best of the best.
adam + sarah

Ammie was a reasonable and realistic sounding board for my thoughts, and was a shoulder to cry on when I was in the middle of a disaster or just really freakin’ stressed out. I know Ammie runs a full ship, and has a lot of brides - but I NEVER felt like she did not have time for me. We always felt like we were the only couple she had time for. 

Ammie was cool, calm, and collected 
lisa h.

She gave great advice and had such a great synergy not only with us but our vendors as well....taking care of us, our family and friends. She was calm, positive, professional, enthusiastic and organized. We love her and give our highest recommendation!

we were able to relax and enjoy!
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Inspired By Francois Boucher's "Triumph of Venus" This Editorial Is As Pretty As A Painting

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We were hesitant to even have a planner..... silly us... when I say I could not have done it without her I REALLY couldn’t have. She was on top of every detail from timeline, vendors, to walkthroughs. I had no worries at all even planning a wedding from a totally different state. 

We booked from Florida and had our wedding in Texas 

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